This drill adapter allows you to retain the handle. On my extremely heavy
HDX-5106, the drill is not strong enough for initially raising the tower
from horizontal, so the armstrong method is used. (The arm is stronger
than the drill motor!). This worm drive winch has a bent handle. Gear
drive winches have straight handles and you may need to take the bend
out of the box wrench by clamping its business end in a vise and whacking
the handle a few times with a hammer.

The only parts you need are a coupling nut, a box wrench, a Ty-Rap
and a socket wrench adapter for your drill.

Fulton W3000 worm drive winch on UST HDX-5106 tower before modification.
1. Loosen retaining nut.
2. Remove retaining nut.
3. Get a coupling nut at hardware store.
4. Install coupling nut.
5. Get wrenches and adapter.
6. Secure box wrench to winch handle with ty-rap.
7. Install wrench to drill adapter on coupling nut.
8. Fasten adapter in drill chuck and turn the winch.