N6RK Amateur Radio

Rick Karlquist
, California

Station Info

Location, Grid Square, etc.
Towers: HDX5106 106 ft tower, no antenna yet (foreground), GME1850 50 ft tower with 4 ele SteppIR (background, right), 60 ft mast with inverted vees (background, left)
Aerial photo of QTH taken 1997, before antennas went up
The brown field, to the right of the nice green orchard :-)
Aerial photo looking toward Galt, CA

Ham Radio Articles

Read my construction article in the Sept/Oct 2009 National Contest Journal:

"An Improved Feed network For Loop-Type Receiving Antennas"

Unloaded PC boards for NCJ loop antenna $25.00 each, Amidon FT82A-61 cores $3.00 each, add $5 for P&H

Drill adapter for winch
Receive 4 square antenna design
Using a boat lift hoist to tilt over an HDX-5106 tower
DX Engineering AVA-1 Active Vertical Antenna Schematic
NEW! MONSTILT MonstIR Tilt Plate sneak preview
"7-Hex" Seven Element Steerable Vertical Array
Driving the 7-Hex Array
7 Hex EzNEC files
90 foot Irrigation Tubing Vertical
60 foot Irrigation Tubing Vertical
A Study of Vertical Antenna Ground Systems
The open wire line at N6RK
Definition of S unit
FT-1000 S-meter calibration
FT-1000 C.A.T. interface to computer
"Falling Derrick" method for tilting up 50 foot aluminum tower
How to Design Diplexers
Comparator Based RF Remote Coax Switch
Intech COM-1000 solid-state linear schematics only
Intech COM-1000 solid-state linear manual including schematics
How to Design LC Lumped Element Delay Networks

Flat falling derrick base

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